Client: 10things
Date: 2016-09-01
Services: Website Design, UX

01. The Beginning

“It was difficult to find places where
the locals like to hang out. We had to comb through tons of blogs and websites, and ask
friends and family for recommendations. I was looking for a platform where some of
the coolest places to eat, drink, party and sleep all came together effortlessly.”

That’s how the idea of 10things came to be. Over time, this idea grew into a platform where local experts curate 10 things to do, split into different categories. Local DJs advise you where to dance, style experts tell you where to shop, and food critics recommend where to eat.

02. Desktop Experience

From a basic concept the once simple idea grew to a huge archive of thousands of restaurants, bars, cafes, museums, clubs, galleries and shops in over a dozen cities around the world. 

03. Mobile Application

In December 2016 we launched our 10things apps for iOS and Android, offering some huge advantages over the mobile website, especially being able to download cities to keep exploring, even when you’re offline.

04. A Different Angle

As it grew from a 1 man wolfpack to a buzzing startup with 7 FTE employees, so did the realisation that maintaining a database of thousands of personalised locations in dozens of cities around the world was a lot of work. It was a hell of a ride, filled with uncountable brainstorms, business trips, longs nights and unforgettable memories, providing around 40,000 adventures per month with an exciting way to discovering new cities through the eyes of locals.

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