Conservatorium van Amsterdam: 20 years of pop Aftermovie

The Cradle of Pop

In 2003, the Conservatory of Amsterdam launched its pop music program. On Thursday, October 5, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of this program with a party at Melkweg in Amsterdam. Alumni such as Sue the Night, Nusantara Beat, Josephine Odhil, Parker Fans, ZEP, ‘Voldemort,’ performed at this spectacular event.

The Past, Present and Future

The musicians from the Pop Music program at the Conservatory of Amsterdam have been releasing surprising albums and making significant strides nationally and internationally. Many alumni have grown into successful artists, including DeWolff, WIES, Jungle by Night, EUT, Lucas Hamming, Kensington, Jett Rebel, Pitou, Meis, Alamo Race Track, Nusantara Beat, and MY BABY.

Jack Pisters, coordinator of the pop music program and instructor, said: “The past 20 years with the pop department have been a beautiful journey with an amazing team within this top institution. We have created the program I would have wanted to attend myself! With room for all styles, all types of musicians, and a focus on creating new music! Let’s ambitiously continue building together.”