Elephant Grass

Client: Elephant Grass
Date: 2013-09-03
Services: Concept

As Western influence becomes more and more prominent in Africa, celebrating heritage and roots is increasingly vital. 

I initially created Elephant Grass as a vehicle to spread the vibrant, colorful traditions of Africa across the globe using the beautiful patterns and motifs found throughout the continent. Since then it has transformed into an online magazine where I share inspiration from Africa through photography, video, art and music.

Accepting positive change is progress
but, as a people, we must honor our past while welcoming the future.


“Keep an eye out for this undiscovered artist who will rock your world with beautiful traveling visuals.”

CC Hedelund

“I had never thought of Africa as a holiday destination before I read Elephant Grass.”

JP Borne

“Elephant Grass is a great way to broaden your horizon.”

W Hogers