Join Program

The Vision

Join Program is an application-based solution for workplace catering. Rethinking the entire process from a lunch caterer to an office food movement.

Partners who joined Program, receive their individual app-environment. Based on your input you are given access to your specific content and Food Programs.

Your colleagues can order and pay (if necessary) their selections in advance, your office manager has a custom dashboard to see what’s going on at the office and it’s super easy to give feedback.

The Challenge

2020 was a difficult year for the catering industry. But it also offered opportunities to pivot.

Great food fuels your working day – and a better tomorrow. So Join Program tasked us to create a video campaign to convince colleagues to come back to the office for great food. An office Food Program that’s plant-minded, tech-first, waste-free, and most importantly: really, really good. With every lunch, you contribute to a happy, healthy team and a more sustainable world. Ready to dig in?

Taste Tomorrow