Reimagining the bicultural experience

Client: Omek
Website: myomek.com

The Vision

It’s about creating a sense of belonging, purpose, and growth.

Founded in 2019, Omek is designed to make connection and collaboration simple for the African diaspora professional and their allies. Our vision is to create a strong network of empowered professionals who are meaningful contributors to the economy and culture.

The Process

The ecosystem

Equipped with a global reach, the process is two-fold. First, Omek creates programs and events that make connection and collaboration simple for biculturals of African descent and their allies. Second, Omek works with partners to bring insight and access to a diverse pool of talent.

Omek has built a community-centric ecosystem dedicated to the social and professional advancement of the African diaspora. I first got involved with Omek in 2020 when I was tipped of by a good friend that the organization was doing something special.



Omek is a community-first team built on the shared vision of empowering the African diaspora. The team operates across countries and timezones and is a network of facilitators, freelancers, volunteers, and community builders.