Piet Boon Bonaire

01. The Beginning

“Bonaire is the place where your dreams collide with reality.”

Dutch designer Piet Boon lost his heart to Bonaire the first moment he set foot on this Caribbean island. His beach villas in barefoot design are there to savour year round warm temperatures and a soft sea breeze.

02. Island Guide

Piet Boon Bonaire asked Lats X Longs to create a website that could guide their clients to the best restaurants, bars, cafes, museums, beaches, and shops Bonaire has to offer.

03. Photo Content

We set out to capture the island and people that call it home.

04. Video Content

To help promote the villas as well as liven up the Island Guide, we created a range of videos to promote Bonaire as well as the villas in the online domain.