Prominent Tomatoes

Video campaign for Holland's largest tomato producer.

Together with a great team, we created a video campaign to show the versatility of tomatoes. As the foodtruck travels through Holland, passers-by enjoy the great taste of “tomato times”.
In other words: tomatoes for every moment of the day.

Client: Prominent Tomatoes
Date: 14 July 2020
Services: Video, Video Editing


A different tomato for every hour of the day

Prominent asked Story to Video to direct a video campaign aimed at showing potential customers that there is a a tomato for every time of the day.


Working the concept

We filmed this commercial for Prominent in a 2 day shoot using Talent and several locations around The Netherlands.


Building brand awareness

Prominent was set on targeting new markets and we’re pleased to say that this video campaign has started knocking on new doors. Building brand awareness and promoting your products through video and content marketing campaigns is one of the most rewarding forms of digital media promotion there is.