Truth Studios

Truth Studios is a Boutique Recording Studio located in Los Angeles that has dedicated its facility to recording the highest quality vocals and mixing with the best digital and analog tools available.

Client: Truth Studios
Date: 11 January 2013
Services: Marketing, Sound


Founded by Nick Breton, Truth Studios has grown from a bedroom studio to a full fledged recording facility, home to the newest generation of west-coast hip-hop and rap musicians. In 2013 I worked closely with Nick to create a marketing strategy to increase profit from the mixing and mastering department. We constructed a streamlined website aimed at informing potential clients and making data transfer as smooth as possible. Combined with a catchy marketing campaign including weekly videos, the service soared and has since been used by thousands of clients around the world.

``I love the vibe of the studio. The quality of my music has increased since we started working there. Nick and his crew are pros at this sh*t``

Dom Kennedy Artist at OPP

``From the get go I knew that the sound was going to be top notch because of the great equipment they have, but the engineering blew my mind. Best boutique studio in SoCal hands down.``

William Robert Booth-Dunbar Artist