We Are Eves

Discover honest cosmetic reviews from real people like you

Client: We Are Eves
Website: weareeves.com
Date: 24 May 2024
Services: Videography, Sound


We Are Eves

In the beauty industry, consumers are bombarded with fake imagery and empty beauty promises. These experiences lead to a lack of trust and difficulty in finding the right products for them.


We Are Eves has built a platform where real people share honest beauty product experiences, fostering trust. User-generated datasets empower AI-driven insights for more personalised shopping experiences.


Renowned investors, including Airbridge and HearstLab, the owner of magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and ELLE, and the CEO & founder of Vivino and the founder of GANNI, all together have invested over 6.4 million euros in We Are Eves.


We Are Eves has always believed in the power of our community. It has always been their mission to empower people with honest information about cosmetic products and to make a difference in the beauty world. Now they want you to become a co-owner of We Are Eves!