Old Town Mombasa

Shapes in Mombasa Old Town by Yuri Yabi
The Old Town is a mystical place filled with ghetto passion mixed with the call to prayer. The waves crashing against the coral beaches below Fort Jesus and the sight of a Zanzibar-bound dhow slipping over the horizon is enough to make any mortal fall in love. As the old Swahili proverb goes: ‘Mombasa is famous, but its waters are dangerously deep. Beware!’.

Mombasa Homeless Guy by Yuri Yabi DSC01428-1
I met this Homeless Man, whom I believe was called Zhahid, on the streets near Fort Jesus. I gave him some water and it appeared everyone in the neighbourhood was looking out for him, although I can’t imagine how tough his life must be.

Mombasa TukTuk by Yuri Yabi DSC01423-1
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