We Are Eves

Brief We Are Eves In the beauty industry, consumers are bombarded with fake imagery and empty beauty promises. These experiences lead to a lack of trust and difficulty in finding the right…


Brief Doubleblooded The duality of life as a person whose parents come from different cultures can be confusing. In the documentary Doubleblooded, we search for the answers about identity: how do we…

Join Program

The Vision Join Program is an application-based solution for workplace catering. Rethinking the entire process from a lunch caterer to an office food movement. Partners who joined Program, receive their individual app-environment.…

Zalando X Land Life Company

Brief Reforestation Project Between Land Life Company and Zalando I was asked to assemble a team to create a video showcasing the partnership between Zalando and Land Life Company. The two companies started…

Piet Boon Bonaire

01. The Beginning “Bonaire is the place where your dreams collide with reality.” Dutch designer Piet Boon lost his heart to Bonaire the first moment he set foot on this Caribbean island. His beach villas…

Jazz Theft Auto

Jazz Theft Auto is a jazz inspired hip-hop/electronic duo, blending our perceptions of sound influenced by completely polar musical backgrounds.

3lab: Parnussus

In 2016 I had the pleasure of working on a film by young director Robin Boissevain. Parnassus was financed by NPO’s 3Lab, who believed in Robin’s vision as much as we did.


NextDent B.V. is the leading developer and manufacturer of biocompatible dental 3D printing materials. In 2016 I helped them produce a series of technological videos to explain their techniques and reach new markets.

Live Sounday

Every last Sunday of the month I organize an event showcasing young talents in a relaxed and friendly environment. Hosting everything from spoken word poets to ukelele players and from jazz pianists to live electronica sets, I try to create an eclectic selection of various genres for people who want to chill out and listen to some music on Sunday. As always H/eart.h’s impeccable food and hospitality seals the deal making Live Sounday a welcome occasion for lovers of all ages and kinds.

Truth Studios

Truth Studios is a Boutique Recording Studio located in Los Angeles that has dedicated its facility to recording the highest quality vocals and mixing with the best digital and analog tools available.