Charlie’s Travels


In 2014 Charles Witlox moved to Kisumu, Kenya for an internship in the financial sector. Travelling whenever he could, he set out to discover the region, and he soon quit his internship to help others experience what he had experienced, the real Africa.


In 2018 I helped Charlies international and on-the-ground team of travelexperts, to create a range of videos to help sell their packages. Capturing the magic of Charlies Travels unforgettable, off-the-beaten-track trips in Africa.

``Worked with Yuri on several successful projects and was really a pleasure making films together: he has a good eye for photos and composition, is dedicated and wants to work hard, wants to learn, is creative, is super flexible in the production! Most importantly, or at least, what Yuri is extremely good at: making a connection with the people he's filming (with). He makes people feel comfortable while filming so you'll get honest answers/reactions which brings the video to a next level, and the viewer also feels that.``

Charles Witlox Founder of Charlie's Travels