Melkweg Expo


Melkweg Expo

Melkweg Expo is an exhibition space for contemporary photography and a platform for young artists, located in the heart of Amsterdam. With a focus on photography that explores identity, society and pop culture, the exhibition space is also known to occasionally place other forms of visual art alongside photography with conviction. Characterized by a distinctly playful and accessible approach, Melkweg Expo seeks to unveil high quality art – art that is innovative, engaging and inclusive.

The Story

A new chapter

In 2022 I was introduced to Colette Olof, an art historian, who for the last 13 years in the field of contemporary art and photography and is now curator of the Melkweg Expo. Following the limitations of the pandemic, she wanted to try something different, incorporating video and other media into the space and its communication.

Melkweg Expo’s main goal is to nurture and promote emerging talent and present them to a broad audience – from admirers of art and photography addicts, to the casual passers-by of the venue’s central location and music lovers surfacing from the crowd of a Melkweg concert. Melkweg Expo is open later than most exhibition spaces – until 7 PM – to make spontaneous encounters and confrontations with art possible.


Collaborative campaign

New exhibitions are voiced through multi-disciplinary campaigns that are supported by organic social content, paid media, and beautiful landing pages. In collaboration with the Melkweg crew, I create longer format content as well as shorter format video content for social media.