Promote your party or event with an aftermovie

When the curtains fall and the lights dim, your event doesn’t end—it transforms into an unforgettable story waiting to be told. Your event deserves to be shared, liked, and talked about. Our aftermovies are shareable treasures that amplify your event’s reach, sparking curiosity and enthusiasm among a broader audience.

Our partners and friends

Whether it’s crafting corporate success stories, capturing the essence of artistic expressions, or amplifying the impact of marketing campaigns, I take pride in being the creative force that connects with brands across the spectrum.

“Worked with Yuri on several successful projects and was really a pleasure making films together: he has a good eye for photos and composition, is dedicated and wants to work hard, wants to learn, is creative, is super flexible in the production! Most importantly, or at least, what Yuri is extremely good at: making a connection with the people he's filming (with). He makes people feel comfortable while filming so you'll get honest answers/reactions which brings the video to a next level, and the viewer also feels that. “

Charles Witlox

“Yuri is a passionate guy, with love for anything analogue AND digital. These two come together beautifully in his video, photo and copywriting work. He's always good mooded, and never afraid to get his hands dirty... a pleasure to work with! “

Alexander Engels

“ Yuri did an excellent job and was the driving force behind the successful introduction of FeedbackFruits on the TU Delft. “

Ewoud de Kok