African Prints For Sale

For the first time i’ve printed my photographs in a large format, and they are now for sale at H/earth in Amsterdam. In March 2017, we set out on an amazing roadtrip…

Old Town Mombasa

The Old Town is a mystical place filled with ghetto passion mixed with the call to prayer. The waves crashing against the coral beaches below Fort Jesus and the sight of a…

A poem from the mountains

When minds come together and bodies align, perpendicular stories make similar time, seconds become hours, which turn into days, philosophies are churned into blending their ways

I’m off to Africa!

After months of planning, i’m finally flying to Uganda next week. To fulfil a journey I always knew I would have to make.   Together with my friends Dirk and Amilcar, we…

Diego Barra Ureta

Diego Barra Ureta played this awesome cover of 2pac’s Thugz Mansion at Hearth Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. Diego is a cool dude with a great musical style, check it!

Wynand & Fockink

My friend Valentino was over from Barcelona last week, and as I usually do with guests from out of town, we took a stroll through Amsterdam and headed to Wynand & Fockink. As…

Live Sounday at Hearth

This Sunday 1-7PM Albert Cuypstraat 208, Amsterdam Program Leah Harris We’re proud to have Leah Harris from Canada down to play us some soothing melodies. Her friend Yenting Lo, who has blessed…

Alex Dijk

Shoutout to Alex who is always curious about life.