What to do in Los Angeles

After being back in Amsterdam for a month or so, sad to miss all my old and new friends in LA, I thought to myself: what made LA so special? With little to no thought, and in no particular order: Yabi’s list of things to do in LA:Dam Funk @ Funkmosphere

Landing on a Thursday night? Then head straight to The Virgil because Dam Funk and his posse are ready to get it pumping! Funkmosphere

This place in Highland Park has a smoking hot DJ playing on Saturday night, good vibes, nice patio out back: Little Cave

If you like music, don’t miss out on one of the craziest record stores, and by far the largest: Amoeba






So you ride bikes you say? Not like these guys. Recover from the weekend with a couple of hundred bike enthousiasts, monday night, 9 PM, NOHO: Monday Night Rehab


When you’re hungry:

With LA being the closest I’ve ever been to Mexico (or south america for that fact) there were so many culinary surprises for me! From good ol’ taco’s to queso fundido, everyone knows the mexican lady at your local taco stand has the Beeeez-Neez for a late night stop however, there is so much more to taste in LA:

  • Dip that Ckicken in that Syrup, TRUST ME: Roscoe’s

SAM @ Roscoes

  • Damn good Sushi:Sugar Fish
  • High End Mexican Food (good Margaritas) Mexico City
  • When you’re done stuffing your face with junk-food, get some greens at Tender Greens
  • When it comes to burgers In-N-Out is the only place where the keyword is Fresh
  • Good old fashioned american Burgers AND good shakes: Juicy Burger